Taking Complexity and Cost Out of Strategic Sourcing and Vendor Management

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Whether you are new to eSourcing or looking for an easier more efficient solution, FlexRFP™ is the answer. Designed with you in mind, our state-of-the-art solutions are the result of years of real world experience. Simple and elegant, our user-friendly solutions help you increase ROI and decrease the complexity typically associated with sourcing and vendor management. FlexRFP™ sets a new industry standard – and once implemented – will make you wonder how you ever worked without it.

Our view on eSolutions


Our decades of experience have taught us that companies have unique sourcing needs and processes. With that in mind, we’ve built a solution that features flexible implementation options that can accommodate the unique needs of our clients. Our solutions generate a real, lasting ROI and are:

  1. Flexible and ready to accommodate your current process, rather than dictating it.
  2. Easy to learn and use for all buyer users. Your self-sufficiency and confidence are critical to long-term use and ROI. If it is too complex or hard to use, most users will go back to using emails, spreadsheets and Word® documents.
  3. Effortless to use – requiring no training for buyers or suppliers. Our solutions are designed to be enjoyable to use – encouraging collaboration between you and your suppliers.
  4. Easy to navigate – featuring a clean, uncluttered interface that makes it easy for beginners or advanced users.


Our FlexRFP™ tool is request for proposal software that is a highly efficient leading-edge approach to traditional Strategic Sourcing. It is a collaborative, Internet based Sarbanes Oxley Compliant e-sourcing solution that allows for a process that is organized, structured and repeatable.

FlexRFP™ RFP Software at a glance

  • A simple yet robust solution
  • Offers comprehensive bid template possibilities:
    • TCO, formulas, etc.
    • Bid templates can be in any format
    • Bid templates can vary by event
    • Template library makes future projects a breeze
  • Allows for quick 3 bids and a buy quotes – setup and launch in 5 minutes or less.
  • Offers a full questionnaire / survey abilities with optional score carding
  • Features numerous template possibilities for rapid and efficient re-use
  • Gives you various supplier bid input controls; only receive content you want
  • Program is Excel-friendly – Upload / download thousands of items; hundredsof suppliers, etc.
  • Features Soft and live auctions
  • Offers supplier and project tagging. Enables you to group information in ways that are meaningful to you such as ‘show me all minority owned enterprises in Northern California,’ etc.
  • Allows supplier self-serve registration


FlexRFP™ Sourcing Software Benefits

  1. Hard dollar savings of 18% on average
  2. Process Efficiency and Time Savings of 40-60%; cut project cycle times in half
  3. Process transparency
  4. Full audit and archival capabilities for SOX compliance and re-use purposes
  5. Greatly improved data collection and analysis capabilities
  6. Collaborative communications and document exchange
  7. Proactive project status monitoring and notification
  8. Familiar Microsoft Excel® like functionality on the Internet
  9. Better visibility into sourcing progress and outcomes
  10. Soft Auction™ functionality - auction benefits without doing an auction

eRFx / eSourcing puts an end to:



  • Impossible–to–find sourcing data you’ve used previously
  • Internal audits that are painful because of lack of documentation
  • Categories that do not get sourced at all




LGX Corporation is proud to be an EC Sourcing Group Solutions Partner